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Mr Wilson

by Qalys

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Mr Wilson started working at our school about 6 weeks before the residential.

He was young, muscular and good looking. His short blonde hair was cut in the latest style and his suits always made him look fresh, clean and frankly delicious. He was tall and had sharp blue eyes. He had the most amazing feet, they seemed huge in his long shoes and I found myself staring at his smart dress shoes everytime he was near, fantasizing about his feet and what socks could be inside, sweating away. On the rare occasions I had seen them, when he was crouched at a desk helping someone, or was changing his shoes for gym class, they had been sheers the first time and grey no shows the other. Of course all the girls obsessed over him, doodling his name in their notebooks as he stood at the back of the class, only qualified as a teaching assistant.

He could be seen most every break and dinner time playing football or racing with the older boys on the field, his sweat drenched shirt clinging to his well built body. As he jumped to catch the ball, his toned stomach was revealed, a row of sexy hair pointing towards his genitals.

He was great with us: he told us jokes, helped us with our work and made us feel special.

'That's amazing,' he said one day, peering over my shoulder at the sketch I was working on. My cheeks flamed, and like teenage boy I was, I quickly snapped the book shut and muttered 'Thanks...'.

Later the same day the residential was announced. It was exclusively for the older kids and was for a week at an old hotel in the country that had been donated to the school years ago. We all loved it there, in the great old house with a river just outside, where we'd splash about all day before sitting in front of the huge fire drinking cocoa and listening to stories or toasting marshmallows at night.

Of course me and my small group of friends signed up for the trip immediately. I was delighted to discover that Mr Wilson would be accompanying us along with the usual teachers, and two weeks later we were all packed on a bus, about 20 of us kids and 4 teachers, including Mr Wilson who happened to be sat to the right of us, his sexy long legs stretched out in front of him.

I spent most of the trip trying to force myself not to stare at them or the bulge protruding from his expensive-looking suit trousers, my cock throbbing slightly each time I looked over. I'm sure he caught me once or twice and I snapped my head away, cheeks flaming.

We finally arrived roughly 3 hours later. We stumbled off the bus, bleary eyed and yawning. It was quite late, and all we wanted to do was turn in for the night.

Mr Halford, one of the older teachers, was trying to sort out room arrangements, much to our annoyance, as we were so tired. My friends were put in a group together and I was left stood alone, waiting to be placed with someone. I sighed, there were no more beds in their room and I really didn't want to be put in with anyone else so I just stood near the back of the small crowd, hoping to have one of the smaller rooms to myself or something.

'Jake...' Mr Halford called me. There are no more rooms or beds left, I'll be sharing a room with Mrs Halford,' he said, referring to his wife who also worked at the school with him. 'which means the only bed left is in the room with Mr Wilson. Would you mind sharing? Just until tomorrow when we can get something arranged properly?'

Needless to say I accepted, trying not to act too eager. I couldn't believe it!

We all went up to our rooms, lugging our cases along with us. My heart thumped as I sat down on the single bed next to Mr Wilson's.

'Sorry about this Jake, I'm sure you'd much rather be in a room with your friends, but we'll have the situation sorted tomorrow.' He promised.

'Ahh, it's fine.' I insisted.

My heart skipped a beat as he pulled off his shirt revealing his defined abs, parts dusted lightly with hair. I wondered if I should turn away but I couldn't resist watching, trying not to make it obvious. Then he sat at the end of his bed. He slipped off one shoe and placed it at the foot of the bed. My heart was racing as I pretended to fiddle with my iPod, while watching his long, wide feet, the socks stuck to them with sweat. He pulled off his sheer black sock and the odour of his warm feet reached my nostrils. His foot was big and quite bony, neat trimmed toe nails and peppered with hair around the toes and top. I had to sit down to disguise my erection, pretending to unlace my own shoe.

Soon, Mr Wilson slipped off his pants revealing muscular legs, and the sight of his legs and bare feet combined with his prominent member pressed against his boxers practically threw me over the edge. He put pyjama pants on but no shirt and climbed into bed. I followed suit and he wished me a good night. I barely managed a response.

I stayed awake for hours, my cock throbbing, fantasizing about his perfect body and delicious feet. I needed to relieve the desperate craving - needed to do something.

Silently, I crawled out of bed, crept to the foot of the young teacher's bed and crouched over the shoes where he had left them. I slipped a sweaty sock over my cock and took a deep, desperate sniff of his well worn shoe. The aroma was orgasmic. I picked up his other sock and sniffed it too.

My body was screaming for his feet and some animal instinct kicked in and took over, he was snoring heavily and I knew he was extremely tired from the trip, otherwise I probably wouldn't have dared. Slowly, so slowly, I carefully lifted his duvet, revealing his perfect feet. I saw a '12' pressed into the sole of his shoe which made my cock throb harder. I put my nose to his soft size 12's and took a whiff.


I dared another sniff and soon I was sucking his large toes and running my greedy tongue over his slightly calloused heels, between his toes, swallowing the dirt and sock bits it unearthed.

Half an hour must have passed with me at his size 12's before he stirred... I froze, terrified, suddenly coming to my senses. I tripped over his shoes as I dived back into my bed, closing my eyes tightly.

* * *

The next morning I wasn't sure if I had dreamed the whole event. It seemed too good to be true... Of course it was a dream... Of course. Silly me.

But as I sat up, I saw Mr Wilson - naked - by the small sink in the room, his pert bum staring at me as he washed his face. I blinked over and over, trying to make sense of what was happening. Suddenly Mr Wilson turned to face me, his flacid cock was thick and quite long, hanging between his muscular thighs. Despite the situation, my cock began growing in my pyjamas, still unrelieved from last night.

'Morning Jake!' he grinned, flashing his perfect white teeth.

'S-sir...' I stuttered, unable to comprehend the situation and trying to stop myself from glancing down at his cock.

'I suppose I'd better explain a little,' he began, sitting at the edge of my bed, causing my heart to race even more.

'One of the main reasons I applied for this job was for the young guys, Jake, like you...' he saw my bemused expression and continued: 'You see I'm obsessed with teen boys Jake, that's why I'm always on the field and spending time with you all in lessons, but, after what I felt last night - yes I knew exactly what you were doing,' he said, seeing my cheeks burn 'I realised that you're obsessed with my feet... The perfect combination if you ask me. It felt surprisingly good you know, and I'm am open minded guy... What do you say we start with a blow job, then I'll give you twenty minutes with my feet before breakfast?'

I couldn't reply, couldn't think, couldn't BELIEVE what was happening, bit a minute later I was knelt, naked (under Sir's instruction) at his feet, with a mouthful of his now erect 10 incher. After I gulped down what felt like litres of cum I was allowed the promised time to worship his feet. It started with a massage, then sucking his toes, licking those huge soles and the tops. My cock throbbing all the while, until he insisted we go down for breakfast.

I reached down to relieve my aching cock FINALLY but he stopped me

'Think you owe me a few more blow jobs and maybe some other things before you're allowed to do that!' he winked.

And we walked down to breakfast, I was still shellshocked, but somehow looking forward to the week a lot more than I had been...