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What He Needed

by TheBeezNeez

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Being a transplant to the school system of rural Georgia in your teens, you learn pretty quickly that respect for elders, specifically elder men, is crucial to getting along in southern society.

On a campus dominated by good ole' boys and sports coaches, testosterone is king. Of all the coaches I met during my two years at a South Georgia high school, one in particular branded himself in my memory forever. The afternoon we shared was something neither of us can really explain, but I know I'll always remember each detail as though it was yesterday.

A typical high school senior, I was always pretty tired during 7th block, the final class of the day. One semester, I lucked out and was scheduled to take a 7th block course that was sure to keep me awake. History. History? Yep. But it wasn't the subject that kept me awake, it was Coach Woolwhite. He taught that course and also coached the men's varsity soccer team. I didn't play soccer, but I had seen the Coach around campus many times, and I'd be lying if I said he wasn't my big crush among the faculty. I guess he was around 36 and in perfect physical form. His polo shirts always hugged his chest and abs in the most incredible way- and don't even get me started on the sleeves which strained to wrap around his burly arms. Most soccer players tend to have smallish feet, but not in the South. Coach Woolwhite's muscular 13s were the primary object of my day dreams in that class. Actually, I dreamt of them all day, come to think of it.

 Although I was completely infatuated with Coach, I never really thought he liked me much. There were a few soccer guys in the class and he always showed them the most favor and attention. My grades were good, but he barely spoke a word directly to me or glanced my way. Admittedly, I kind of enjoyed flying under the radar. It might have made me too nervous if he spoke to me much during class. Well, I didn't know what nervous was until that unbelievable afternoon.

 The bell rang to signal the end of the day. As usual, everyone bolted for the door and Coach sat down at his desk at the head of the room. "COLLINS!" (That’s me) I heard him yell as I neared the doorway. "Sir?" I said meekly, attempting confidence. "Sit down here." he said commandingly, pointing to the seat facing his desk. I obediently sat, noticing his eyes tracking me. He said nothing. To break the silence I repeated reverently, "Sir?" hoping he hadn't held me back to discuss an issue with my work. But STILL he said nothing. Just continued staring, evaluating, torturing me with his eyes. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, he asked briefly "You got homework, right?" "Yes, Sir" I replied. "Good." he said and began grading papers. Assuming he wanted me to start on that homework, I pulled my textbooks out of my bag and started to read. Actually, I pretended to read. I was so nervous I couldn't even see the words in front of me. Eventually, a hush fell over the halls and the main hallway light went out. The teachers and students were gone. He stood slowly and walked toward the doorway. He shut the door firmly after peeking into the hall for a moment. As he rounded the room back to his desk, I listened closely to his footsteps; I always loved that muffled yet commanding sound made by the hard rubber soles of his athletic shoes.

He sat at his desk again. This time, leaning toward me with his hands folded on the desk. "You know what I need?" he asked. I, being too nervous and too naive to reply smartly, said "no, sir." "I need someone..." he leaned back into his chair " take care..." he raised one leg onto his desk, plopping his hefty foot down "...of my tired ole', stinkin'..." now the other foot came up and crossed on top of the first "...sweaty feets." Adding the S was his way of being cute. It worked. Having no clue what to do, I sat frozen, probably ghost white, not saying a word, not even blinking. Just staring at those muscular legs and sexy sneaker-clad feet. I don't know how he knew I wanted this, but believe me he knew. All I could think is that he must have seen me staring at his shoes every day. I just hoped to God this wasn't a prank.

After a long pause, without speaking, he directed me with his finger to come closer. I did. His commanding index finger then directed me to the floor in front of his chair. I knelt down as he directed, still terrified and more excited than I had ever been. Suddenly being so close to him and his feet in this (hopefully) intimate way was almost more than I could handle. I can't even recall if I got hard because all the blood was rushing around in my head.

His feet still resting on his desk, he reached forward to slowly untie his shoes. Once he got them nice and loose, he pulled one off carefully and brought it to his nose. Inhaling deeply put a smile on his face. I smiled too. Noticing my joy, he lost the smile and sternly thrust the shoe toward my face. "Take a good whiff, Collins" he demanded. As I inhaled that first smell of his musty, sweaty, stinky shoe, I felt the intense warmth radiating from inside. I was most definitely hard now, but I was terrified to touch myself or even move my arms at all. "Take it." he said, thrusting the shoe closer. I took the shoe and sat it beside me. "Don't you like it, boy?" oh god, I was being rude. To make up for it, I picked the shoe up and pressed the opening against my face, deeply breathing in the odor. "Very good. You got it." he said with a slight smirk on his chiseled face. He lowered his socked foot to the floor and reached forward again to remove the 2nd shoe. "Let's see about this puppy," bringing that shoe under his nose as well, breathing in a long whiff. "Here ya go, Collins" as he handed me the 2nd shoe. Since he enjoyed me pressing the first one to my face, I did the same with this one. I didn't think anything could smell better than that first shoe, but I stood corrected. This time, as I pressed the shoe to my face, I felt something shoving it harder against me. It was his foot. With the other, he gently rubbed my crotch for a moment. When he let the shoe fall, I could see he had removed his shirt. I was finally seeing that perfect torso which I'd only dreamed of seeing shirtless. I immediately wanted to bury my face in his hairy chest, but that would have to wait.

Both feet now on the ground, he began removing his belt. I felt like I was winning the lottery. I could see his steamy socks leaving moist tracks on the glossy floor as his toes wriggled gently inside them. The belt gone, he commanded "get these off." I hastily reached for his button and zipper, carefully unfastening them. A familiar warmth arose from the opening. I stole the chance to caress his chest. "Hmmm..." he said as he guided my hand away from his pecs and slowly into his pants. I instinctively played with his cock and balls, which were moist, warm and throbbing. With another quiet moan, He withdrew my hand and brought it toward his face. He licked my palm from the wrist all the way to the tip of my finger. He loved his musk, which majorly turned me on. "Get these pants off, boy" he commanded again and I tugged on his waistband.

He raised his ass out of the seat so I could get his pants to his ankles. As I put his pants aside, he reached to grasp me by the hair with his strong fist. Pulling me toward his crotch, he said "how about a whiff of that, too?" I obliged by whiffing so strongly I got a little light headed. "Yeah, you love my cock sweat. Suck on them balls and see how it tastes, boy." He didn't have to tell me twice. I felt like I could live forever between his legs. The warm, musty crevice was my heaven. I eagerly sucked his sack through is underwear, tasting the salty sweat he'd been building up all day. Another, louder moan confirmed I was doing my job correctly. I cautiously began removing his underwear. "Hell, no!" he suddenly hollered. When I looked up he was directing me back to the floor. I knew exactly what he meant. I dutifully lifted his socked foot toward my face and took in a whiff. They smelled better than the shoes did, and better still than his hot, throbbing crotch. His sneakers had black insoles so there was a near-perfect dark gray impression of his footprint on the bottom of his otherwise pure-white socks-- a torturous preview of the amazing creations that surely waited inside. His toes wiggled against my face as I soaked in the feeling and aroma with every sense I had.

"Yeah, breathe in that stink." he said softly. I obeyed by inhaling deeply against his throbbing sole, then I grasped his other ankle so his other foot could join the party. Heaven all over again. The freshness of his sweat made my face moist as he somewhat forcefully pulsated his soles and toes against my worshipping face and mouth. Soon I found myself tasting his amazing essence with my tongue and moistening his filthy socks even further as I made sure to enjoy every available inch of his soles with my thankful mouth. "Oooh fuck yeah...get 'em good and wet." were his next instructions, and I was well on my way. What a good boy I am.

I glanced up to enjoy his truly gorgeous face and even more impressive chest, and I noticed he'd exposed his cock to sensually caress himself. He was hard beyond belief and his veiny, throbbing dick was a sight for sore eyes to say the least.

I began to massage his legs while my face was still firmly pressed against his soft yet commanding soles. I then coyly suggested removal of his left sock by softly tickling the elastic band and gently inserting my index finger between the sweaty fabric and his salty skin. "You want to take that sock off, boy?" he asked. "Yes, please." I said in a muffled tone through the space between his arches. "Yes, please what?" he asked incredulously, and of course I replied "Yes please, sir." As a reward for my compliance, he reached forward and gruffly mussed my hair with his hand.

I continued to worship his now very most and still stinky socks for what seemed like an eternity before he finally granted my wish. "Alright boy. You can take 'em off."

I once again inserted my fingers between his ankles and the socks, one hand in each, and slowly peeled them away from the beautifully tanned and well-used surface of his impressive size 13s. My face was still very close to them so the payoff was instant. If I thought his crotch and socks were intoxicating, his bare, sweaty feet practically made me dizzy. I remember a distinct musty smell with hints of fresh grass and a sharp pungency that, if I weren't already on my knees, would have certainly turned my legs into jello. "Oh god" I gasped as his feet were finally revealed, and he chuckled proudly at my reaction to his obviously well-fermented love potion. "I've been wearing those suckers through three days and three practices. Surprise, boy!" he grinned, perhaps expecting me to be repulsed, or perhaps knowing how absolutely entranced I would be by the intense aroma that now filled the air. I was legitimately dizzied now and every move I made was purely instinctual. I was no longer nervous and a different side of me had taken over.

I immediately planted my nose between his long and powerful toes, deeply indulging each nook. "Whew them toes are stinky!" he laughed again. "Yes sir. I love your stinky toes, sir." I replied and once I had fully investigated both soles with my nose, I naturally employed my tongue for its own inspection. The dark saltiness of his tender flesh was so delicious that in that moment I would have vowed to use my mouth only for his pleasure from that day on. "You're not enjoying that too much, are you boy?" He joked. "Maybe I should put these shoes back on and send you home."

"Please, sir. I want to stay and worship you, sir." I begged, hoping he wouldn't end our encounter so soon.

"Alright then. You're doing good. Keep licking that stinky sweat of the bottoms of my feet and we'll see." I eagerly complied and repeatedly licked his soles from top to bottom, enjoying the taste and aroma with each pass- first the left, then the right. Something told me he wasn't natural-born a lover of feet like I was, so I decided not to wait for his command before I seductively slipped my lips over his big toe.

Still stroking his dick, he moaned with gratitude. "Fuck boy, you like suckin' toes?" he asked as I wriggled my tongue around with his toe in my mouth. "Shit, that feels fuckin' awesome. You're gettin' an 'A' in my class, son."

Knowing how much he was enjoying this himself, I took my cue and proceeded to wrap my lips and tongue around each of his strong and handsome toes one-by-one. "This ain't your first time, is it?" he asked. With a touch of sass in my voice, I replied "Maybe" and winked coyly. To my delight he returned with a wink as well. How was this happening? Just this afternoon I was a hormonal closeted teenager, and now I was sucking the toes of one of the handsomest men I'd ever seen. -And he winked at me! I certainly questioned how all of this was possible, but I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Lord knows I was horny as hell, but it also gave me pride and satisfaction to provide pleasure to such an incredible man.

Once he was satisfied that I had properly cleaned his salty toes and soles, he withdrew his feet from my hands and asked "Do you suck dick?" It was then that I realized this was as much an exploration into new territory for him as it was for me. I couldn't help but giggle a bit at his question, and my first thought was "FUCK YES OF COURSE I SUCK DICK!" but that's not what I said. Trying to be coy, I said "I dunno, but I'll sure suck that one." That made him giggle too. I hadn't noticed, but he had a bit of precum on the head of his horny cock, so he wiped it onto his thumb with a swirling motion and licked it off. He must have seen the slight disappointment on my face, and said "Oh, did you want that? Well there's a lot more where that came from so come here and get it." He barely finished speaking before I had begun to lick the remaining precum from his head and rippling my tongue up and down the shaft of his rock-solid dick. The taste was out-of-this-world. Salty and delicious. I wanted more.

I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock and went to work worshipping and devouring it. "You HAVE done this before!" he said between moans, as I looked up and winked again in reply. I guess by then he had decided I was an alright kid. His next command came while I was sucking him intensely. "Unbutton your pants." I obeyed quickly, all the while not diverting attention from his very deserving meat rod. Then he surprised me. As I was kneeling in front of him he managed to slip my pants off with his bare feet and kicked them to the side. I guess his soccer training had left him with very nimble feet. I helped him with my briefs, and now we were both nude. I was still working on his cock, and now he was massaging- then pumping mine with his flexible feet. I was so overcome in that moment I think I yelled something like "Jesus Christ!" in response to his treatment of my dripping cock; my precum serving as a fantastic lubricant for his tanned and toned feet.

His moaning and mine were getting louder and more frequent. He was running this show so I was glad to keep sucking and wait for his next instructions. "Mmmmm come up here" he moaned as his feet gently released their grasp from my dick. I arose toward his face, and he pulled me in close, shoving his masculine tongue into my mouth. I returned with mine and now we were holding each other, exchanging passionate kisses. He cupped the back of my head in his hand and guided me as he stood up and pivoted to sit on the edge of his desk. I wanted to be closer still so I climbed up and rested my ass on his lap. Our cocks were now touching so while he continued to kiss me I rubbed them both together with my hand. "Ooooh that's fuckin' hot" he said between his probing kisses. Soon our horny bodies were pulsing hotly together as we made out on his desk.

He then lay back and shoved his paperwork off the desk behind him. I went with him and lay on top of him, kissing his lips madly. Then he rolled us over so that he was on top (go figure) and so I was lying on my back. He sat up, straddling the desk and spreading my legs with his powerful arms. "Are you ready for this, son?" He said with a degree of force in his voice. "Oh yeah, fuck me Daddy." I moaned. He lifted my ankles into the air, one in each hand, and strode his cock and balls against mine. Our cocks got even harder than they'd been before. Until now I'd never experienced this intense arousal. I could not wait until he was inside me. He reached down with one hand, spat on his dick, and pumped it a few times. Then, with my own feet dangling over his shoulders, he thrust himself into me hard and fast. He let out a huge moan, as did I. The feeling of his enormous manhood inside me defies explanation. I had wanted him so badly and now I had him, all of him, pulsing passionately inside my tight hole. He left it in for a moment, and then slowly began to pulsate back and forth. Each thrust was a new kind of bliss. I was in such ecstasy that all I could do was moan, gaze admiringly into his eyes, and enjoy the ride. I soon regained a bit of composure from the immense pleasure he was giving me, so I reached up to lovingly tweak his adorable, slightly hairy nipples. He gasped a bit and moaned "Oooh yeah boy." He then grabbed my ankles from his shoulders and pressed my feet to his face, taking in a big whiff of my socks. "FUCK that's good, son!" he moaned as he continued to fuck me. His intensity increased as he ripped my socks off with one quick move and sniffed my bare feet. I had my own habit of enjoying my socks at home, so I had been working on those for about a week. Trust me, they reeked. "Whew boy you were holding out on me!" He grinned and began licking my soles. His hot tongue felt incredible against my soft, warm feet. Soon he was sucking my toes and I found myself jacking my own cock.

He worshipped my feet for a few minutes, his tongue probing between my toes and running up and down my soles. Then he released them and leaned forward to kiss me again. We fucked and made out, adoring and caressing each other’s bodies until he was ready to cum. "You want me to cum inside you, son?" He asked and I moaned "Oh fuck yeah. Fucking give it to me." He groaned loudly, pressing tight against my body and thrusting his cock into me hard and slow.

I was starting to climax now as well I could feel the warm jizz flooding into my cunt with each final thrust. It was fantastic. Suddenly I exploded between our bodies, covering our stomachs with warm, sticky cum. He rested on top of me for a moment, once again thrusting his tongue down my throat. We sighed together and I ran my hand through is hair. He slowly pulled out of me and sat up a bit. "Boy, you sure do know how to make a mess." he said, noticing that both his and my bodies were covered my jizz. He scooped up a bit from his stomach and licked it off of his fingers. "Hmm but it sure is tasty." He smiled and winked again. Then, without warning, he lifted my ass toward his face, lifting my knees over his shoulders, and began to eat my hole. He probed it deeply with his tongue. The feeling was incredible. I instinctively forced a bit of his cum out of my hole, and he lapped it up quickly. I pushed the rest of his load out and he sucked it up eagerly as well. I could tell he was holding it in his mouth.

He let me down and slid a bit backward on the desk so that he could bring his feet up and sit cross-legged. He bent forward and spat his creamy load onto his feet, drizzling it from his mouth onto his soles. I didn't need any instructions here. I sat up and lay on my stomach so I could lick that tasty jizz from his salty feet. "Yeah you got it, boy. Clean it all off" he encouraged, and I continued to do what I was told. He separated his feet a bit, still with his knees bent out in front of him, so that I could lick the dripping cum from each crevice of his soles and between his toes. At one point I collected some of his load in my mouth and sat up to swap it with him. He accepted gladly, and we used our wriggling tongues to exchange his cum repeatedly. When we released our lip lock, he looked at me with a smile and stroked my cheek.

He gave it a friendly slap and said "Well, you did a good fuckin job for Coach today, boy....A good fuckin' job." I smiled back and agreed "I had fun too, sir."