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Controlling Officer Brandon - Pt 1

by Jerol Villadolid

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I was casually checking my emails this afternoon not expecting anything special or significant in this boring day.

I had recently taken up a new job as a software engineer making and refining components for large software corporations and even some defense companies. You could say I live a comfortable life being alone and not having a family. I have 3 cars, a rather large house, and all the time i need to do as I please. I work at home, and am glad to have all the time that I need to indulge in my secret fetish.

I have a major foot and tickling fetish and spend almost half my time reading stories and downloading videos related to it. As a middle-aged gay man I don't have a family and have quit on trying to find a partner. Too burned with sugar babies.

I do have a few friends, however. My bestfriend was Catherine, this beutiful vixen of a young woman. I was so determined to be close to her not because I was attracted to her, but because I simply know she is a magnet for the handsome men I so love and crave. I love going on shopping dates with Catherine and how the men at the stores would look at her and her gorgeous butt. I would stare in their lusty faces as they are too distracted to notice me drooling at them back.

We had a great friendship. She had her own perks being close to me as she often got to borrow one of my cars working as a waitress in a high-end restaurant. This day, she had borrowed my new Mercedez as she was getting too many late records at work. I was surprised when I saw that car pull up at my driveway when she left just an hour ago.

i went outside to ask her what was going on. I saw her in tears as she came to me a complete wreck.

"Alfred…. (sobs)…. something's happened to me…." she said.

"Why Kath, what happened?? Are you ok? Are you hurt?" I asked worriedly.

"No Alfred…. I was…. I was…. (cries)"

I went to her to comfort her and assured her everything was fine now. I sat her down at the bench in my garage and made her calm down.

"What happened?" I asked seriously.

"Alfred…. I was raped." She told me.

"WHAT??? Where… How… I mean…. just now?" I said.

"Yes just now…. He was… He was touching me even though I said no." She explained.

"Did he hurt you??" I asked.

"No he… he was touching me telling me I wanted it…. I slapped him and was able to get away." She said.

"Thank God. So he wasn't able to force himself sexually on you? We have to report this at once. We're going to the police… right now." I said.

"No Alfred he…. he IS the police! I got pulled over for speeding when he ordered me outside for a routine inspection." Kath said.

"What the F***??? the Police? Oh My God. So a cop molested you?" I said.

Catherine broke down crying as I sat there upset and angry at what happened to my friend. I know the mayor of the city as a college friend and former co-worker and he will help us purge this insect from the force.

"Kath… you may need to be brave, we are gonna get this guy." I said.

"(Sobs)… No…. No you don't have to…. I don't want people knowing this happened to me. I can't let my mother know… she has a very fragile heart condition she might not take this well." Kath said.

"Well… are you just gonna let him get away with this?" I asked.

"He will have his day. I believe in Karma. He will pay for what he did to me." Kath said.

I gave her a hug impressed with her maturity and her love for her mother. I led Kath inside and made her my signature hot chocolate drink to comfort her. I drove her later that day in another of my cars and dropped her off her house asking if she will be alright.

Kath thanked me for all that I did and I told her to call me at the slightest need. I went home upset with the whole event when I suddenly had a quick revelation in my head. My new Mercedez was equipped with a hidden front camera to capture footage of accidents or other noteworthy road events. 'It may have captured footage of Catherine's attacker!' I thought.

I rushed back home and popped the memory stick from my Mercedez' dashboard. I hurriedly went to my DVD area praying the camera was turned on. I almost jumped with joy when I saw the footage from this morning when Kath was driving our of my garage. I looked intently and saw Kath's speed exceed all the other cars on the highway.

"She really loves speed." I said to myself as I saw she was clearly overspeeding.

I suddenly saw red and blue flashes at a reflection in my car's mirror-smooth hood as a cop has clearly spotted the overspeeding luxury car.

The Mercedez slowly pulled over and the police car parked in front of it. I was completely shocked to see this very beautiful, blonde, muscular young officer get out of the driver's seat and walk slowly towards Kath using his radio to communicate with someone.

He then went out of view as he was clearly speaking with Catherine while she was on the driver's seat.

After around 5 minutes, I saw Catherine sit next to the trunk of the police car as the young cop may have probably been doing a routine search of the vehicle.

In a couple minutes he went over to Kath holding up a tiny sachet of white powder next to her. I was completely shocked. I didn't know Catherine used drugs.

I saw Kath break down into tears clearly begging the officer to spare her shaking her head no. The young cop was clearly upset but it didn't seem he would excuse her. Suddenly, she whispered into the young cop's ears something I could only imagine was a trade deal.

The cop thought for a few moments and then looked at Kath. He was hesitant for a while but then suddenly planted his hands next to her breast and began to kiss her openly. She struggled apparently not willing to fulfill her end of the bargain and regretted what she offered the police officer. It took 2 minutes of struggle as the cop apparently has a very high sexual libido. She finally slapped him in the face and walked straight back to the car. I then saw the car pull back and drive past the cop who has his hand in his cheek reeling from my friend's slap.

I didn't see the police vehicle follow Catherine and it would seem the cop have let her go.

The footage finally led to the car pulling back in my driveway and i stopped the video. My hands were shaking. I knew there was something magical that was to happen because of this footage and my mind was reeling from the possibilities.

I reviewed the tape to the beginning trying my best to zoom in on the handsome cop's nameplate. It was too blurry and there was no way I was gonna tag him. I reviewed the video again and again looking for some clue that will lead me to a name.

I finally realized that in the beginning of the video, the car's plate number was clearly visible showing me the identity of the vehicle. If only i could find a way to tie that vehicle down to the officer that was driving that car that day, I will have this blonde police officer in my grasp.

I remembered my friendship with the mayor, and how we are emailing buddies. I am very good with computers and can hack most sites and addresses online. I decided to hack my mayor-friend's gmail account and looked for passwords I may use to enter the city's law enforcement servers.

I finally found what I was looking for in a security report forwarded to his email and I used that to tap into the police database.

I tracked the car down and found out the police officers who used that vehicle.

I finally found my man. Catherine's attacker. My future tickle-pup.

Officer Brandon James Riley.

I was mesmerized by his picture as he was even more handsome and cute than I have seen him on video. He fit the profile of the perfect policeman in my dreams. Fair, flawless skin, blonde hair, and green eyes. He looked like the typical all-american patriot boy who would either serve his country in the army, marines, or police force.

He didn't look like the type that will accept sexual favors at all. I proceeded to scan his profile in an attempt to get a clearer picture of him.

It would seem my young officer is just 21 years of age. And what was so impressive about him is that at such youth he was already able to serve both in the Army and the Marines! Both unfortunately kicked out for "insubordination", as stated in his profile.

It would seem arrogance and cockiness was very prominent in my handsome young officer. You do not get kicked out of these two institutions if not for extreme levels of unbreakable arrogance.

It would seem that officer Brandon had also joined organizations for veterans and other patriotic foundations. I smiled knowing I had an all-american patriot at my fingertips. I would have to perform my national duty of showing this hero the gratitude of the American people by giving him the pleasure and love that we owe him.

I logged off the computer with my mind swimming with plots on how to get this guy. I already have him in a leash. There was no way he was gonna survive if that abuse tape got out. He will have to deal with me whether he likes it or not.


I sat quietly in this local taco restaurant anxiously awaiting a prized visit. I have instructed well in the letter i have slid inside officer Brandon's locker what he must do in order to prevent me from mailing these compromising photos to his superiors. My heart was pouding out of my chest when the clock hit 6 pm.

Just as I started getting worried, the revolving entrance door swung and this magnificent specimen of a man entered the restaurant in full police uniform. The dark fabric looked perfect next to his glowing white skin. My cock lurched in my pants as I couldn't believe this gorgeous guy was walking nearer and nearer to me.

"Are you Alfred?" The young man asked as I stared in his face.

"Y-Yes I am." i replied.

He sat down on the chair in front of me and brought his head down looking at the table.

"Look…" He said.

"I didn't mean to do what I did. She forced herself on me. I -I didn't know how to control myself. I have this thing with women. I didn't mean to grope her like that…" He added.

"Well you did. And I have it on video. I would hate to send it to your superiors. I would not do that if you would only cooperate with me." I replied.

"I don't have any money." He said.

"I don't want money." I quickly replied.

"I want…. I want you officer Brandon." I said.

He quickly stood straight and looked at me dead in the eye. I got really nervous as he was sizing me up after discovering I was gay and that I have the hots for him.

It was a couple seconds of uncomfortable silence between us when he finally spoke.

"I'm not gay." He said.

"You don't have to be…" I explained.

"I don't plan on having sex with you…." I added.

"What?? Then why would you want me? What can I do for you?" He asked.

Now it was my turn to be silent for a bit. I looked down at the table gathering the courage to reveal to him my true intentions.

"I….I have a tickling fetish. I would love to tickle you." I said.

His eyes widened in disbelief at what I have said.

"TICKLE?" He said rather loudly.

I went blushing wondering if he was thinking i was some sort of extreme pervert.

"Yes…. are you agreeable with this? It is harmless. It is just tickling. Will you choose to cooperate with me so I don't have to report you?" I asked giving him a blackmailer's warning.

He looked to the side his mind obviously deep in thought. He closed his eyes shut after a few seconds and uttered what I could only interpret as acceptance.

"God……." He sighed resignedly.

My cock bounced into life as I finally know my hot young cop will not cross-blackmail me or sting-operation me. In a matter of hours I will be drawing peels of laughter from this gorgeous man as I explore that perfect body with my hands and mouth.

We paid the $5 bill and I walked out of the taco joint with my hands practically covering the front of my pants. He was silent the entire time in my ride home unable to believe the web he got himself trapped in.

I couldn't pull up the driveway fast enough and nearly hit some of my expensive figurines at the garden beside my garage. I went out of my car as excited as I have ever been in my life. I was going to tickle a police officer for the very first time!

I led him into my living room and I can tell he was as nervous as hell. I sat him down and began talking to him in an attempt to allay his fears.

"Brandon. Are you ok? You look too tense." I said.

"Why won't I be? I barely know you and I can't believe I went to the car with you and let you take me home." He said.

"You could be a serial killer for all I know…" He said worriedly.

I gave him an assuring smile as I led him into the bedroom where I intend to pleasure and tickle him out of his mind. He backed up when he saw the huge wooden X frame I have at my bedroom where I tie up my tickle-bottoms.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!" He said in complete shock.

"Oh that… That's just a bondage frame. I tie guys up before i tickle them so they can enjoy themselves more." I said.

"NO NO NO… I'm not letting you tie me up there. That is too much. I just met you you old pervert! You never said anything about bondage!" He replied.

"Well bondage IS a part of tickling. How can you tickle someone if they just stop you 5 seconds into the activity?" I reasoned.

"You're definetely a serial killer. I'm gonna end up dead in this house. I never should have come here." Brandon said almost ready to leave.

I quickly tried to salvage the situation.

"Brandon look at me. Look at my face. Is this the face of a serial killer?" I asked.

"YES!" Brandon almost shouted.

"Fair enough. No what I mean to say is…. a face like this not that of a serial killer. I am a serial tickler. The opposite. I do not get off by hurting someone, I get off by making them laugh." I tried to explain.

"I can't let you tie me up like that Alfred. That's too much for me. I don't want to end up as 15 pieces of body parts on the dumpster. I'd rather be outted from the force than that." He replied.

"Ok look…. come with me." I said.

We went into the couch beside my bed and I popped on a DVD to show Brandon something on TV. It is home videos I have made with previous tickle-lovers, i had to show my young officer that I didn't intend on hurting him.

As the scenes began playing officer Brandon sat motionless and there is not a hint of feeling on his face. God only knows what kind of logic and conclusions are ticking in his head right now. As the sounds of recorded laughter filled the room, I placed my hand gently on officer Brandon's knees and spoke gently to him.

"See? There is nothing to be afraid of. You're not gonna get killed. I only want to tickle you. Stand up and let me tie you up so you can go home soon." I said.

In a few seconds officer Brandon stood up briskly and walked to my X-frame. He didn't say a word and he looked completely serious. Though I detected an expression of self-pity on his face. He didn't look me in the eye even as I approached preferring instead to look at the floor to my left.

"Thank you Brandon for trusting me. I need you to put your arms up on either side here and spread your legs."

Officer Brandon places his arms up and his legs on either side of the X-frame. I nervously and excitedly secured his strong hands and feet to the padded cuffs on each end. I simply couldn't believe I was tying up a young police officer to my bondage frame to be tickled. This is unreal. I need to pinch myself.

"There now. That wasn't so bad was it Brandon? I didn't morph into something terrible. I'm still me. You were right for trusting me."

Brandon had his eyes closed as if to retreat to him subconsious and will time away.

I placed my hands on the chest area of his police uniform and began searching for his nipples through the fabric. i began to scratch the area where my fingers felt the presence of two nubs and started getting officer Brandon acquainted with the exquisite pleasure of having a gay guy with a tickle fetish have complete access to your helpless body. I lovingly bumped my thumbs across his nubs colliding with them when I moved upwards, and then downwards.

Officer Brandon was still hiding in his subconsious trying his best not to join me in my celebration of his physical sensitivities. However judging from his increasing breaths, he was even more sensitive than I had anticipated.

I slowly unbottoned his uniform all the way to the middle of his belly and waved the fabric covering his chest to either side. I brought my lips close to his left chest and clamped his pink nipple between my lips. I started to slowly and gently suck on it using the movements I knew would deliver maximum pleasure. Not 3 seconds with my lips on his chest and I could already hear his hands pull down from the tight restraints in a vain and futile attempt to pull my mouth away from his sensitive left nipple.

I looked up to his face and saw him with his head thrown back barely able to cling on to the isolation room he made with his mind. I know he was shocked how this experience could be so pleasurable. How it could be so amazing. This is barely a preview of what his hot body will experience tonight and he is already beginning to lose it.

I brought my left hand to his right nipple and very lightly pinched it. I rolled the hardened nub between my index finger and thumb. I also used the purposely trimmed jagged fingernail on my left hand to scratch the erect, pink mound of pleasure. The first moans began to escape from Brandon's lips as the two very different sensations of my wet mouth and my jagged fingernail on either of his nipples was beginning to demolish the protective wall he placed around himself.

I saw him move his legs as if trying to run away suddenly understanding the reason why such a heavy bondage frame would be necessary in securing a guy for an activity as harmless as tickling and teasing.

I on the other hand cannot believe that I have my tongue exploring the impressive pecs of a young police officer. I was almost delirous as my tongue sparred with his erect flesh overwhelmed by the experience and unable to digest my luck. I snaked my tongue across his chest and gave his right nipple the same treatment as the left. While my other jagged fingernail began to deliver a similar treatment to his now very wet left nipple.

"Hhhaaa…ohhh… haaa…. oh shit…. oh fuck…."

I could suddenly tell officer Brandon is a curser. I have finally breached first base and officer Brandon has just joined me in the room as the recepient of my lustful ministrations.

I personally have a preference for nipple-pleasure. I've decided to spend a great portion of our time tonight getting officer Brandon acquainted with this wonderful activity. I am almost completely certain he has never even had a chick's hand touch him intimately there. And he doesn't strike me as the type who would be flicking himself while he masturbated. Nevertheless, I was completely glad and relieved he was as sensitive in this area as I had hoped. He was practically shivering as my mouth continued to alternate between right and left.

I spent more than 30 minutes pleasuring his chest pouring out all my repressed lusts for law enforcement officers that I see on the streets. Their hot dark uniforms, that fair beautiful skin, that cocky attitude, and those god sexy radio calls. Officer Brandon was going to have to pay for why his profession is so hot. He will be punished for all the teasing his collegues have been doing to me these past many years.

As 30 minutes elapsed i found my hot cop already blabbering. He was totally lost and he was very sweaty. I see the wet stains on the fabric to his armpits and decided that he had received sufficient nipple-pleasure for the night. I hesitantly left sucking his now very red and extremely erect nubs to be able to sniff that wonderful sweat off his sexy blonde pits.

I completely unbuttoned his shirt now and in Brandon's moment of uncoordination, uncuffed his left hand to take the uniform out and resecured it quickly. I did the same to his left. When the blue police shirt was finally off I was greeted with the most amazing sight you could ever see.

Here was this young cop, drenched in sweat on his fair, flawless skin. His armpits dripping with sweat, his nipples extremely erect, he was still in cop pants and he was still even wearing his cap! I felt another rush come through me as I threw myself in his pits burying my face and munching on the sensitive skin beneath.

Brandon shouted as my face made contact with his now sensitized pits sniffing and nibbling it. i used my other hand to tickle his other pit twirling the hairs and scratching the wide, sensitive skin. Brandon began to emit a steady stream of delicious laughter coming from his lips. God what a sexy laugh, I thought. It was so masculine and yet you can feel the helplessness and happiness of the man. It was completely addictive and it drove me on to be even wilder and more determined to squeeze more of it out from him.

I left his pits momentarily after a few minutes play and sucked his nipples again while my hand migrated to his sides. i gave him the double treatment of pleasure and tickling and this almost made my hunk jump out of his skin.

"FUCK!!!" he shouted.

Even louder laughter began to come out of him as it would seem his sides were among the most ticklish parts of his body. I tickled him from just beneath his armpits all the way down to his hips. Those sexy muscles couldn't squirm fast enough as I joyously counted his cop ribs to make sure everything was in order and he wasn't missing any. hehehe.

My sturdy wooden X-frame began to seriously buckle and I thought my strong cop would be the first to break it. Man was this guy strong! I decided to throw him off balance by randomizing my tickle attack. My hands went freestyle and one went to his pits, the other to his belly, moving to his chest, his sides, and even his back.

Brandon straightened up and shouted like he had been shot. The sudden attack completely caught him off guard and he began a fresh volley of curses and pleas.


I was completely wild and lost at this point. All I could see was Brandon's glistening, muscular body and even I would be scared of myself If I was in Brandon's position. I was a wild tickle beast unleashed on a helpless prey. There was no stopping me until I got what I want. And on this case, what I want is to have Brandon melt into a puddle on the floor.

I finally stopped sucking his nipples again and slowly proceeded to his back. I buried my face in his sweaty neck and breathed in the experience of having this muscular police officer at my tickle mercy. I sucked off his sweat and proceeded to his ears licking them out. My hands still tickling his pits.

"You're enjoying this aren't you officer Brandon? Tell me you're having the time of your life. Tell me you never want me to stop." i teased.

"Shit… no…. stop….. you gotta stop…. hahaha…. I can't take it…. I CAN'T TAKE IT!!"

It was a surprise to me to find out that Brandon was not familiar with having his perfect body worshiped and admired like this. I would have imagined guys like me plotting left and right to capture this young man. It would seem I was just divinely lucky and it was officer Brandon who trapped himself in my web.

I decided to finish up with my worship of his upper body by giving him a thorough and complete tongue bathe. His sweaty, fair skin was driving me crazy as it looks so irresitible next to his dark uniform. I licked him everywhere. I even went as far as take off his cap and chew on the skin near his sexy blonde hair.

When I was finally satisfied after having licked off a liter of his sweat, i gave him a kiss in the lips as a token of my appreciation and began to undo his belt buckle. Brandon was caught off guard and a whole new volley of curses erupted from his mouth after my stolen kiss.

I undid his pants and curled it down to his near his ankles. I was greeted with an incredibly sexy sight of tight, black, cotton briefs barely able to contain his now very erect dick.

"You see?? I told you you would enjoy this!" I said.

I went to the side and was fascinated with the erotic view of having his hard dick pushing the fabric out. I could see his shaft and balls very clearly from the side as the briefs were tented forward. The very sensitive cock head was pressed tightly against the center of his briefs.

I took my jagged fingernail and very gently scratched the cock head through the wet fabric. This made Brandon emit a loud moan letting me know how amazing it must've felt. I continued to tease his cock and balls through his briefs using my fingernails. He would get even harder still and started an involuntary humping motion with his hips.

i finally brought the briefs down and I was greeted with an amazing fair skinned cock with a pink head. He was blonde even in his privates. i can tell he shaves down there and that the hair is only beginning to grow again. I held his shaft still and tickled his piss slit inside my mouth. Trying to spread the sensitive lips with my wet tongue.

This brought severe chills down my hunky officer's spine and he began to moan in pure ecstasy. i began to tickle his balls and this brought his moans even louder. I took a short detour and placed his large, low-hanging balls one at a time in my mouth. I sucked on it and played it around my mouth to my officer's delight. The smell of his manhood is very sexy and you could tell even with your eyes closed that they belonged to a handsome, muscular man.

I went back up to his dick and began to give him a very wet and pleasurable blowjob befitting the intense experience he just had. I am not accustomed to giving blowjobs as I was far more content with tickling my guy. But this was a necessary act of love as a last hurrah before his sexual life would change forever.

I brought my hands up and teased his nipples and chest just as he was nearing orgasm. Brandon screamed in ecstasy as his whole body stiffened and long streams of thick, delicious cum erupted inside my mouth. I greedily swallowed this creamy gift from Brandon and didn't let a drop go to waste. The whole X-frame was shaking the entire time underscoring the intensity of Brandon's orgasm.

Brandon was heaving from exhaustion as I continously held the slowly softening dick inside my mouth.

After a minute or two I stood up and gave my sweaty officer a hug burying my face in his neck. I thought for a moment whether I should give him a kiss mark on his neck for his fellow officers to tease him about but decided against it not wanting to blemish his perfect, glowing skin.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a cold drink of water and went back to the bedroom. I gave a very thirsty officer Brandon a drink he desperately needed and he gulped down the whole glass in mere seconds. I went behind him and slowly spoke in his hear from behind.

"Brandon. You performed excellently tonight. This is how I always want our encounters to be. Just be yourself. Just enjoy everything that I do. Your happiness is my happiness."

"Fuck you. Let me go. I'm spent, I need to go home…" he replied.

"Your wish is my command officer Brandon. But before I do, I would like to express my sincere apologies for this…"

"Apologies? For what… Mmmmphhh!!"

I held a cholorform soaked rag next to his nose and let him breathe in the immobilizing scent. This is the only safe way to bring officer Brandon back to his life after this first encounter. What I was about to do to him before I let him go would get myself beaten to a pulp. I feared for my own safety with the kinkiness of what I was about to do.

Officer Brandon slumped in the X-frame and i quickly untied him from his wooden prison before he gets difficulty breathing. I laid him on the bed and let him rest for a couple seconds. I cleaned up gathering all his clothes and his gear.

I then went back to him and sat beside him in the bed. I held up his soft cock and proceeded to attach a prison that would allow me to completely own officer Brandon and have him do everything i wish. I attached a cock cage to him forever banning all sexual activities that are not to do with me tickling and pleasuring him.

He can only cum from now on with my permission. I get to decide when he deserves release and when he does not. I can make him go through weeks of deprived orgasm only to have the night of his life with me and my kinky setup to drive him to his absolute limit.

My own cock drooled cum at the thought of the possibilites with officer Brandon as my virtual sex-slave. I decided not to let my imaginations go too far tonight as I can't pass out now from all the excitement.

I then carefully dressed my young officer back to his gear and carried him quietly to the back seat of my car. I carefully drove off to officer Brandon's home address as stated in his identification. I know for a fact he lives alone so this would be much easier for me.

I made sure to park near the doorway and looked around before I carried Brandon off the car.

I had to use up all my strength as the muscular frame of my young officer was rather heavy. I had to rely on adrenaline to get him inside. Thankfully I made it all the way to the bedroom and finally laid my handsome cop on his own bed at last.

I looked at him unable to believe how I could now have as a permanent playmate this handsome agent of the law. I bent down and gave him one final kiss in the lips before I finally left him locking the door as I go.

I drove back home and remembered that I forgot to put his socks back on before placing him in his boots. I got a raging hardon as I would relive the events from earlier smelling this young man's feet through his socks.

I discovered in total shock that I have forgotten to pay attention to his feet this entire evening! The X-frame protected his soles from me the entire time. I shaked my head and made a personal commitment to deliver divine love to his barefeet next time. I will pay extra attention to them to make up for this shameful neglect on their sensitivity.

As I was a couple miles down the road I could've sworn I heard officer Brandon's loud curses after discovering my kinky little gift inside his pants.