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The Amulet of Darkness

by Ticklishboy30

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Ancient prophesies foretold of a powerful amulet.

The amulet of darkness; its destructive powers were limitless. The amulet was created by the combined powers of two warlock brothers. It can only be used or destroyed by another pair of brothers who are descendents of the original warlock brothers.
Dylan and Tolan Warrick were your normal brothers. Except for one thing; they’re witches. Dylan and Tolan attended the same community college. Dylan was 6’0 weighed 180. Dylan’s flame red curly hair was highlighted with blonde edges. His emerald green eyes were spellbinding. He showed off his muscular build with tight fitting shirts and tank tops. His feet, size 12 were meaty with plump toes that he kept soft by not going barefoot. Tolan was 5’10 weighed150. His shoulder length hair was a dirty blonde. His sapphire blue eyes could melt ice. Tolan wasn’t muscular like Dylan; he was more of an intellectual. He wore more comfortable fitting clothing that didn’t show off his body. Tolan’s size 10 feet, were bony with long toes. He also kept his feet soft by not going barefoot.

“Hey Dylan, you got a sec?” Tolan asked as he stood at his brother’s bedroom door of their apartment. “Sure c’mon in, what’s on your mind bro?” “I’m wondering if we should be looking for the amulet of darkness. I mean the more I’ve read the more dangerous it seems.” Dylan put down his book and turned to face his twin. “Tolan you know we have to be the ones to find it. If not Corbin and Falan could use it to take over the world or even worst destroy it. If that happens our family’s magic might not be enough to stop it.” “You’re right I just can’t shake the feeling that something’s about to happen.” “Don’t worry so much Tolan you know the two of us can handle anything. Besides I’d never let anything happen to you.”

“I hope that’s true Dylan, I still have that feeling.” Dylan got up and gave his brother a hug. “Hey, hey it’s ok everything’s going to work out fine. Besides there’s something you should be more worried about.” “What’s that?” “Being held down and tickled.” Dylan quickly tackled Tolan, straddled his waist, and dug his fingers between his ribs. “Dylan don’t...” Tolan was stopped in mid sentence by the ferocious tickling from his brother. “C’mon Tolan you can take a little tickling can’t you?” Dylan moved his fingers into Tolan’s arm pits. “Not there please.” Tolan was thrashing side to side and going crazy with wild laughter as Dylan tortured his pits. “Now do you feel better, or do I have to go to your belly button or worse your feet.” “I’m better; I’m better no more please.” Tolan managed to get out through heavy breaths as he started to calm down.
“I’m going to the library archives to see if I can find anything.” Tolan said as he got up and brushed himself off. “Ok I’m gonna be out for a little bit. I’ll have my cell if you need me.” Dylan and Tolan walked down the street to their cars. “Hey Tolan, be careful watch your surroundings.” “You too Dylan, don’t take any chances.” The two hugged and went their separate ways. Unaware of what would befall them later on.
In another part of town the Warrick cousins were starting their own search. Corbin Weaver and his brother Falan were also searching for the amulet of darkness. Corbin was 6’2 weighed 190. His steel grey eyes would make the toughest guy cringe. He wore black jeans and colored polo shirts. His feet, size 13 were soft and callous free. Corbin’s jet black hair with blue highlights was half way down his back. Falan was 5’10 weighed 160 all muscle. His brown eyes were hard and cruel. He wore blue jeans and form fitting shirts. Falan’s shaggy brown hair was neck length. His feet, size 10 were smooth with meaty soles and plump toes. Corbin and Falan were mean and would stop at nothing to dominate the world and gain more power. That included getting rid of the Warrick brothers and stealing their magic.

“What’s our goody, goody cousins up to?” Corbin asked as he barged into Falan’s room. “Tolan’s off to the library and my mirror can’t find Dylan.” “Corbin, have you finished the spell yet?” “Just about it’ll be ready when it’s needed.” “Good we can’t take any chances. We must have their power and that amulet.” “What are you working on Falan?” “It’s a surprise you’ll see.” “C’mon brother tell me.” “No just go back to your spell and leave me be.” “Well if you won’t tell me I’ll just have to do this.” Corbin grabbed Falan’s feet in a choke hold and scratched his nails up and down his brother’s socked soles. “Are you nuts? Stop…” Falan fell backwards and tried to kick his feet free. “Are you gonna talk?” “Never, now get the hell off my feet.” Falan screamed through maniacal laughs. “Ok you’re asking for it.” Corbin took off Falan’s socks and raked a brush across the soft, pink soles.

“No not that you ass…” Falan squealed like a 5 year old boy and pounded his fists on the floor. Corbin just smiled at his brother and pulled his toes back and scratched the brush under them. “No please no more I can’t take it.” Falan was screaming with laughter and soaked from sweat as he squirmed and tried to get his tortured feet free. “Ok I’ll let you go you’re too easy.” Corbin said as he dodged a pillow Falan threw at him. “Enough fun for now, I’ll get back to work and leave you be. We’ve got to stop Dylan and Tolan.” “Where are you going?’ “To finish that spell and find Dylan, I’ll leave Tolan to you.” “Watch yourself Corbin, don’t get too cocky.”

As Tolan arrived at the town’s library, Dylan went to the family mausoleum. He was looking for anything that would lead them to where the amulet was hidden. Corbin tracked Dylan to the burial ground. He wasn’t there to hurt or kill Dylan, at least not yet. Corbin was just supposed to keep his cousin busy. “There’s got to be something we’re missing.” Dylan said aloud to himself. “Have you checked our side of the family’s plots? Dear cousin!” Dylan turned with a start. “Corbin, I was wondering when you’d show up.” “Well here I am Dylan boy.” “Why’d you track me?” “Now is that any way to greet your family? I just thought we don’t spend nearly enough time together.” “Bullshit, you’re after the amulet just like we are.” Dylan and Corbin circled each other sizing the other one up. “We’re going to find the amulet Dylan; and you and Tolan’s meddling will be over.” “Over my dead body you snake.”

Corbin focused his eyes, raised his arm and flung Dylan into the wall. “That can certainly be arranged cuz.” Dylan got up, shook his head. “You never could resist my force Dylan. Give up and I’ll go easy on you.” Corbin stepped closer using his magic to pin Dylan to the wall. “I’ll see you in hell.” Dylan said as he threw up an invisible barrier between Corbin and himself. He then waved his arm and flung Corbin in the air landing him outside the mausoleum. Dylan ran outside just in time to duck a bench Corbin had thrown at him. “Now Corbin, aren’t you just a bit old to be throwing temper tantrums?” Dylan said as he levitated and kicked Corbin into a tree. “You’ll pay for that Dylan.” Corbin rushed at Dylan grabbing his ankles and bringing him down.

“To keep my cousin tightly bound, bury him within the ground.” Before Dylan could react the ground swallowed him so all you could see was his head. “Corbin, you fucker reverse this or I’ll.” “You’ll what? You’re not in a threatening position.” Dylan struggled as hard as he could to no avail. “Why the long face cuz? You need to lighten up.” Corbin kneeled down in front of Dylan. “I’ll get free and when I do. Hey, stop! Don’t do that.” Corbin was stroking feathers along both sides of Dylan’s neck. “Don’t do what?” “Hee, hee no hee, hee please you can’t.” Dylan was trying to hold back a flood of giggles. “Is wittle Dylan still ticklish?” Corbin taunted as he continued to tickle Dylan’s neck. Dylan was losing the battle with his giggles and they started coming faster. Corbin was having fun torturing Dylan. “That’s it Dylan, don’t fight it let it out. You need a good laugh.” “You hehe jackass hehe haha I’ll get you hehe for heha this.” Dylan’s giggles were getting louder as his head was shaking and thrashing side to side.

“I don’t know why people waste so much time and energy on pain. Tickling is much more fun and better torture, there’s no mess. Wouldn’t you agree Dylan?” Just then Corbin waved his hand and the dirt covering Dylan’s stomach was gone. “I think you need some more laughs cuz.” Dylan was trying to recover from the feathers so he didn’t notice his stomach was uncovered until he felt feathers swirling around and inside his belly button. “Fuck no HAHEHA you bastard not my belly button.” Dylan’s head flew back as he was overwhelmed with the tickle assault on his defenseless stomach. “Wow I never realized you were ticklish there. Good to know for the future.” Corbin smiled as he used his magic to keep the feathers going on Dylan’s belly button; and he used his fingers to knead and poke around the heaving flesh.
Dylan was starting to lose what control he had. Tears, sweat, and dirt covered his head and face. “Please Corbin; no more I’m too ticklish there.” With another wave the dirt covering Dylan’s feet was removed. “Oh shit that was…” Dylan was cut off by the feeling of Corbin pulling his sneakers off. “Corbin, no you wouldn’t not my feet.” Corbin’s response to Dylan’s pitiful plea was to lightly scratch all ten fingernails along both socked soles. Dylan was now in the worst tickle torture he’d ever experienced. He was laughing so hard his lungs and chest were sore. “Corbin, HEHAHEHA I can’t HEHAHEHA take it.” Suddenly Dylan had a surge of energy so powerful it unearthed his body and threw Corbin a few feet back.

Dylan brushed himself off and approached the stunned Corbin. “Turn the tables remove his boots, bind my cousin with tree roots.” At Dylan’s command the roots shot up through the ground and restrained Corbin in a spread eagle position. “You let me go now Dylan.” Corbin spat as he tried to break the roots hold. ‘Don’t you know Karma’s a bitch?” Dylan said as he started to wiggle his fingers in Corbin’s ribs. Corbin couldn’t hold back his laughter came roaring out. “Ah shit HAHEHA you damn ass. I’ll break you.” Corbin was thrashing like mad trying to break free. Dylan smiled as he continued his attack on Corbin’s exposed ribs and went up into his pits. “Oh shit, oh shit not the pits and ribs fuck it tickles.” Corbin was screaming with high pitched laughter and getting covered in sweat.

‘You’ve always been a light weight Corbin.” Dylan said as he squeezed Corbin’s hips and upper thighs. Corbin was wildly cursing and struggling. “Damn you Dylan let me up now or else.” “What’s wrong Corby? Can’t take your punishment? You were right this is better than inflicting pain.” Dylan said as he scratched Corbin’s belly button with one finger and used his other hand to attack Corbin’s knees. “Fuuucckkk not that I’m too damn ticklish.” Corbin’s squeal got even higher. “Whoa be careful there, you’ll get the dogs to barking.” Dylan laughed as he walked down to Corbin’s socked feet. “Now let’s see if this does anything.” Dylan pulled off Corbin’s socks, held his toes back, and raked his nails across the taut, helpless, and bare feet.

“No, not my bare feet shit it fucking tickles.” Corbin was thrashing and laughing like never before. “HEHA get off HEHAHEHA my fucking feet.” Corbin’s face was covered in sweat and dirt as he screamed and laughed in ticklish agony. Dylan grabbed a twig and traced it along and under Corbin’s toes. “Fuck you Dylan you’re so dead.” This was too much for Corbin he was coming close to passing out. Dylan threw down the twig. “Mess with me again; it’ll be your last time.” Dylan walked back to his car leaving Corbin to stew in his rage. Shortly after Dylan left the spell ended and Corbin was able to get free.

Dylan got on his cell and tried to contact Tolan to warn him. “C’mon Tolan, please answer damn it.” Dylan started his car and squealed tires as he raced to the library. Meanwhile back at the library Tolan had found what he was looking for. “Jackpot I need to get to Dylan.” Tolan thought to himself as he gathered his things and headed for the door. “Now where do you think you’re going Tolan?” Looking up Tolan saw Falan floating down blocking the door. “Out of my way Falan you know I can stop you.’ “Correction cousin, you could stop me.” Tolan started to levitate but Falan waved his hand and Tolan flew into a bookshelf. “My, my how clumsy of you Tolan.” “Though you may not think it’s funny, it’s time for you to be a mummy.” Before Tolan could get his bearings, bandages appeared covering him from head to toe.

Falan walked around his captured cousin smiling. “Now Tolan tell me where the amulet is. I know you’ve found the location. “Mmmph.” “Oh yeah I guess it’s hard to talk with your mouth covered.” Falan waved his hand and the bandages covering Tolan’s head disappeared. “I’ll never tell you a damn thing. Now let me go.” Tolan tried hard as he could to get free. “Struggle all you want, those bandages are as strong as steel.” “Fuck you Falan I don’t know anything.’ Falan rubbed his chin pretending to think. “I have quite a surprise for you, dear cousin of mine. My new spell will make you talk.” “Go to hell.” “This young man is in a pickle. Let his body feel the bandages tickle.” Tolan’s face was filled with horror as he was getting bombarded with the worst tickling sensation he’d ever felt. “Hehe no you can’t hehahe do this.” Tolan immediately broke out in hysterics. Not even Dylan had ever tickled him this bad. Because the bandages covered his whole body he was completely defenseless.
“All you have to do tell me where the amulet is.” Tolan was so wracked with constant tickles he couldn’t answer. “I’m too fucking ticklish. Please stop this.” Tolan tried rolling side to side and scrunching his toes; unfortunately the bandages kept his toes from moving. Falan sat in a chair and thumbed through a book seemingly unfazed. “I’m not hearing anything from you. Where is the amulet?” “Please I’m so ticklish stop this torture.” Tolan’s sweating was also making the tickling worse. “Maybe I have to step this up a bit. Increase the tickling by tenfold, this game is now growing old.”

“Ah HEHAHEHA please no more.” Tolan’s laughter was so high pitched Falan thought the windows would shatter. Just when Tolan was about to pass out, the tickling stopped and the bandages were gone. His body was soaked and shaking as Dylan held him. “D Dylan?” “Yeah bro I’m here.” Tolan looked around to see Falan on the floor. “Alright Falan you’ve had it.” Dylan and Tolan tied Falan to the desk. “I think Falan needs to get tickled don’t you Tolan?” Tolan stood at Falan’s feet and scratched his nails along the bare soles as Dylan attacked his pits and ribs. “Fuuuck not that get the hell off of me.” Falan started screaming with ear splitting laughter as he bucked and thrashed trying to escape his tormenters. During an hour Dylan and Tolan had exhausted Falan. Just then Corbin busted through the door and threw a smoke bomb choking the brothers. “Falan, did you get the information?” “Y Yes help me out of here.” The two brothers exited leaving Dylan and Tolan coughing in a cloud.

“What information did he get? Dylan asked as he started to follow them. “During the tickling Falan scanned my memory for the location of the amulet.” “Fuck I didn’t know he had that power. We’re so fucking screwed.” “Don’t be so sure, even through the torture I was able to shield the true location. I thought of a different location on the other side of the continent.” Dylan shocked looked up at Tolan smirking. “You little trickster. Where is the real location?” Tolan smiling waved his hand and a book appeared in his hand. “I found it hidden in this hollow book; I replaced it just before Falan trapped me.”

Dylan took hold of Tolan’s hand. “Are you ready Tolan?” “Let’s do this.” They recited together. “Before the end of this precious hour we call upon the ancient power. A bond that brother’s keep so strong now’s the time to right this wrong. So all the world won’t have to bow destroy this amulet before us now.” The amulet glowed with a bright red light as it raised off the table the force of the explosion propelled Dylan and Tolan backwards. “Are we dead?” Tolan asked as he slowly got up. “No, we’re not.” “Is is gone?” “Yes we destroyed the amulet.” Tolan walked over to Dylan. “You’re bleeding.” Dylan looked down at his sleeve getting covered in red. “No biggie, it’s just a flesh wound.”
The two started laughing and Tolan helped Dylan to his feet. “Why is it when this happens I’m the one with the battle scars?” “I’m too cute for scars, that’s why.”

“Oh yeah, hey you get back here.” Dylan called as he chased his brother outside.