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Ryan Tickled Out Of His Boots!

Ryan said he was up for an endurance challenge on my tickling table, so Jack got him strapped down and went to work. First Jack tickled his armpits, which are very sensitive, just to get him started. Ryan's jeans and boots were still on at this point, and Jack unbuttoned Ryan's fly and started pulling his boots off. Jack tickled Ryan's socked feet a bit before pulling his pants off. A brief struggle ensued when Jack pulled Ryan's jeans down and strapped Ryan's legs tightly into the restraints. By now Ryan looked a bit worried as Jack tickled his feet through his socks. By the time Jack started to pull Ryan's socks off, Ryan was already begging him to leave them on. Before Jack spent too much time on Ryan's feet he went back and tormented Ryan by mercilessly tickling his armpits. Ryan was screaming with laughter, and his face was beet red. Still, Ryan is pretty tough and took it pretty well.

Jack went back down to the feet, and after using the feather briefly, he used the brush on the sensitive soles to make Ryan squirm and beg even more. Jacks truly sadistic side came out when he cut Ryan's shirt off and sat on his stomach and just kept digging into those armpits for what seemed like hours. Ryan lost it! Ryan is one bronco who was broken in fast!


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