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Sneaky Sock Fun

I recently started a new job and was really excited about my new company. One of the main reasons was due to its location. It's so close to my home. It usually only takes about ten minutes from door to door for me to get to work. The office building itself is very presentable and has many upgraded features, which make it a pleasant place to work. There are several different companies, each occupying an individual suite. You know how it is to work in an office building so full of handsome men!

The bathrooms are common to the employees of all the companies in the building. Occasionally I would be at the urinal answering nature's call when a fine looking young man would approach the urinal next to me. I have always been a little shy about peeing in front of others, especially guys I'm attracted to! For years it has amazed me how a guy can so naturally start undoing his pants and pull out his dick on his way to the urinal. Some of the male species are more particular than others and do a good job at keeping themselves fairly well hidden. However, I've found the majority of men stick their dick right out in plain view. This of course is the kind of situation I prefer, as it gives me a good chance to catch a few glimpses of his member. I especially love it when a guy says "hi" to me or starts some other small talk. It gives me more reason to look his way!

One day when a group of us at the office were talking with my supervisor, we got on the subject of gyms and exercise. Some of the ladies were complaining about needing to lose weight. Although I'm fit and in pretty good shape, I agreed that I could stand to firm up a little. My supervisor told us that there was a gym in the building. It is located on the first floor and is accessible from both the men's and the women's bathrooms. She got us each a key to the entry door within the bathrooms.

Well, when I first went to check out the gym I went through the bathroom and opened up the door that leads to the gym and right before my eyes was a good-looking young man standing there naked! He was drying off from having taken a shower. I found myself in a small locker room and this guy had finished his workout and showered. He was a little shorter than me and had a small build, but he was definitely handsome! His dick swayed back and forth as he continued to dry himself off. I told him it was my first time to check out the gym and he said he usually worked out after work. We introduced ourselves and I proceeded to walk past him and through another door that opened up into the gym itself. I spent a little time in the gym looking at the equipment, cardiovascular for the most part, but I really had other things in mind. When I returned to the locker room, which consisted of only 3 lockers, a shower and a sauna, the guy named Michael was nearly dressed and so we said our good-byes and I left.

Noting the time that I met Michael in the locker room, I went back the next day a little earlier. Sure enough, Michael was in the gym working out. I popped my head in and said "hi" to him and told him I was trying to get a feel for how busy the gym can get so I could time my own workout. I usually choose the treadmill for my cardiovascular workout and there is only one in the office gym, which he was using. I went back into the locker room and quietly opened one of the lockers nothing. I opened the middle one nothing! Finally, I opened the third locker, the one on the right and I was very excited to find Michael's clothes! Yes, I went straight for the socks! They were black dress socks and I put them up to my nose and took a deep breath -- heaven! They smelled of that wonderful daylong foot odor and I kept sniffing and sniffing them. I knew I was safe because there was nobody else in that tiny locker room and I could still hear Michael running on the treadmill. I put the socks back ever so carefully to try and get them back in the same place I found them. Next I pulled out his skimpy underwear a small blue bikini! I smelled the crotch and ass areas and that whiff of man scent overwhelmed me! I couldn't believe how lucky I was! My main member started growing and a good size tent formed the front of my slacks. I reluctantly put the cute undies back into the locker and slowly closed the locker door and left. I went right home and while fantasizing about that exciting moment I beat my meat to an awesome climax!

After that first time, I kept going back for more. I would go to the locker room several times throughout my workday. Sometimes I would find that someone was working out and I'd sneak into the lockers in hopes of finding some socks to sniff! Often times I would find colored or patterned dress socks or white sweat socks and various types of underwear. Man I love to sniff all of them and I fantasize about the man who owns them! I think about what his feet must look like and how I'd love to suck on his toes. I get such a major hard on I have to go back into the bathroom and duck into a stall to take care of business!

One time I found clothes in a locker but nobody was in the gym. The guy must have gone out for a run. The building is located in a beautiful area, surrounded by walkways and huge ponds so it's very pleasant for outside exercise and this assuredly stud of a man must have been out enjoying the great weather. He had his socks hanging so neatly, one on each hook inside the locker. I thought it was both cute and a little strange at the same time. Of course, I was the one sneaking into a locker to sniff a guy's socks so I couldn't hold this against him. Actually, it was kind of a turn on to see that a man took such care to hang his socks! They were worn on the heels and toes very thin! I took them out and shut the locker door. I went into the bathroom and into a stall to have some fun. I immediately sniffed the hell out of those sexy socks! My dick was raging hard and I took off my right shoe. I slipped off my own sock and put his on! I held the other sock to my nose and smothered my entire face with it! What a rush! I was stroking my cock and knew I was getting close. I lifted my right foot up to my face and sniffed that sock so full of sweaty odor that is both sweet and cheesy at the same time! I licked up the sweat from the stud's hot sock and sucked on my own toes through that incredibly thin material! I put the other sock on my rock-hard dick and started pounding myself harder and harder. I was on edge and took the sock off my foot and brought it to my nose and took one final whiff. I removed the sock from my cock just seconds before exploding all over the floor in front of me. It was incredible! What an awesome experience sneaking a guy's hot pair of socks from his locker and having sex with them!

As I was calming down and my heart was returning to a normal beat, I realized what I had done. I actually removed this unsuspecting man's socks from his locker and have them with me in the toilet! He could return at any minute! This guy would immediately know his socks were gone because he hung them so neatly in his locker. I quickly pulled myself together and went back into the locker room. Like a small child before Christmas, I hung the stockings with care and shut the locker door making a fast exit! Now I dream about that time and what a tense and thrilling moment it was! My adrenaline was rushing like it never had before. It must have been the thrill of the chance that I could get caught. Needless to say, I've been back several times and I've discovered another man who exercises regularly in the small office gym. I took my antics to another level with this one! More on that next time!

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