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My Brother's Feet - Part 2

As stated in part one, my younger brother one day decided to tease me with his feet and put them on my face. Much to my delight and much to his suprise I enjoyed it and for some strange reason, wanted it to continue. For the umteenth time I was laying on the floor, while I relinquished my older brother rights to my slightly younger brother , as me on the floor, took another breath of air filtered with the odor of his feet pressed firmly on top of my face. Looking up at him as he regarded me as no more than a place to rest his stinky bare feet, he looked down at me quizzingly. I noticed that his toenails were starting to get quite long, and as he moved them carelessly about my face I felt quite humiliated yet submissive and content. He then asked me, " Why do you let me do this to you?" I returned with a blank look, not knowing what to say. " You seem to like it", he continued, " you must like it, and I have to admit, I enjoy putting my feet on you."

As he slid his feet from my face to my chest, I told him about my liking for feet, and about how the girls had made me smell their feet and laughed while doing so, and that I couldn't explain why I liked it, but I did, and that I had been sorry for anything I had ever done to him, and asked him if he enjoyed having me under his feet. He replied that he did, and told me not to worry, that he loved me and that his secret was safe with him. He further noticed how good we'd gotten along lately, since the first episode, and that He rather enjoyed it and had always wanted to be the older brother and have some power, as I had had until he had first put his feet on me. He told me that he'd like to rest his feet on me every chance he got, and he hoped I was up for the challenge. I humbily replied that I was, but that it might me wrong. He hushed me with a press of his bare foot over my lips and told me not to worry about a thing. He told me to tell him his feet were beautiful and that I belonged to his feet, With a lump in my throat I did as he told while he playfully rubbed his feet across my face, occasioanlly lowering one foot to my nipples and squeezing them playfully between his toes. I kept thinking our parents would come home and find me sniffing his feet
and put us away, but they never did.

He then told me that he'd seen that girl and her friends put their feet on me, and that I'd seemed to enjoy it, and that he'd aslways wanted to try it since he'd seen it. He asked me if I liked it when he had his friends put their feet on me at his sleepover, and I told him I did. He told me that if I wanted to be his footslave, it would cost me. He said I had to keep his room clean, domost of his chores, and do whatever he said, and laying under his feet, I readily agreed. I spent the next day cleaning his room while he played video games. He had removed his boat shoes and I noticed he hadn't been wearing socks and that his soles were stained from the leather shoes. I asked him how his room looked and he said, "pretty good, except for you missed a spot" and with that he pointed to the floor and I now knew what this meant. As I laid down he told me to get ready, cause he knew his feet smelled bad today. As I layed down and saw his stained soles lowering towards my face I unconsiously stuck my tongue out and met his foot half way. As he felt my tongue on his foot he looked down at me smirking and said" WOW, you do really wanna be my foot slave don't ya?" and he thrust both feet onto my face, and began trying to get both feet licked by my tongue at the same time. He ordered me to get them clean and within twenty minutes or so, there was no sign of anything on his feet but my saliva. With a pleased look on his face, He stood up on me and walked off, telling me to stay there. I layed in wait for a few minute while he was taking a shower, and when he came into the room he had a towel wrapped on his waist. He tip-toed up to me, and as I looked up at him excitingly but fearfully, he placed one foot onto my face, which now smelled clean from his shower, and his towel dropped, exposing himself. He quickly turned around, bent over and lowered his butt towards my face and blew a hugh stinky fart from 2 inches over my face.

He than sat down on his bed, placing his wet feet on my chest and proceeded to get dressed, esplaining the chores I was to do for him because he had a date, and didn't want to be late, As he finished dressing he stepped onto my face and walked down my body leaving my on his bedroom floor confused excited and ashamed all at once. I did his chores much to the amazement of our parents, and I replied that I had just owed him a favor. They were both commenting on how good we had been getting along lately, when he returned home with his date. My eyes bugged out as I saw the girl that had started the squiggly foot feeling, Amy, walking into the kitchen with my brother smiling. My parents announced that they were going to bed, and told me to keep an eye on my brother and Amy. As they sat on the couch and flipped on the TV. I noticed by brother was whispering something to Amy and she was giggling, while looking at me occasionally. My brother then came over to me, and whispered in my ear, " DO AS YOU'RE TOLD". he told me to bring them something to drink, and as I did, they were both kicking off their shoes and telling me to stay put in case they needed something. They threw a pillow on the floor by the couch while they both settled in giggling. Amy, taking a sip of her drink told me while giggling that my brother had told her what he's been doing to me with his feet, and that it was all because of her. And that it had been her idea to come over and see for herself. With that I was told to go upstairs and put nothing on but my robe, and return to them.

Feeling hurt, but yet turned on I did as told and returned to find my brother and the girl I had a big crush on, kissing passionately. They stopped momentarily, long enough to tell me to lay down on the floor, which I reluctantly and excitedly did, only wishing for what was to come next. While continuing kissing, Amy's feet found their way down my robe to below the belly while my brother's inched their way to my face. Amy looked down at me and squealed with delight at my predicerment. As I came at her feet , with my brother's stinky soles resting on my face while kissing her, I became quite depressed. After squeezing my nose and playing about my face with their toes while laughing at me, my brother walked Amy home, telling me to stay where I was. I noticed that when he went to the door he didn't put his shoes on. I lay there thinking about all this, I let my brother put his feet on me, he humiliates me, he totally degraded me in front of Amy, and I was still obeying his order to stay there to receive more. Shortly thereafter he came back home, still barefoot, plopped down on the couch and planted his now filthy barefeet onto me slowly, letting me see what dirty feet he had.

"Did you like that bro?" I told him that he had completely humiliated me by doing that, and he asked me why I was still there waiting for his feet if I was mad. I didnt know how to answer so he just had me stick out my tongue while he rubbed his rough, dirty sidewalk soles along my tongue to clean them. I remember thinking, I hope he didn't step in anything, as I ingested every molecule of dirt from his feet. As his feet were getting cleaner, he told me he was tired, and that I'd be sleeping at his feet tonight, to act as a foot warmer. I crawled onto the foot of his bed longways as instructed as he climbed into bed placing one foot on my face and the other on my tummy, tickling gently with his toes, he asked me if I was still game, and I replied by kissing each of his toes good night, and as I fell asleep, viisons of toe jam danced in my head. When I awoke, His feet were firmly presed on me, and he told me that
when he home from track practice, I was to have all his chores done and be waiting my the couch for his relaxation. I had done the chores and even had decided to make swedish meatballs, his favoite for when he came home. Our parents would be gone almost or most of the night being a Saturday, so I continued wearing my robe for comfort, When he arrived home with a buddy. He patted me on the head when he come in as he smelled the dinner cooking. He complained that I was not waiting on the floor by the couch however, and had me tell him why while I unlaced his shoes and helped him take them off. His buddy saw this and asked me to also help him take off his shoes and I of course obliged. Looking at my brother and asking, "you sure"?> his buddy kicked his shoes off and thrust his socked feet towards my face saying, How do they smell? I replied that it musta been a rough day, and upon my brother's orders I served them what I had cooked, while at my brother's orders, sliding under the table on my back. They had their feet on me in seconds, with his buddy order ing me to take his socks off, which I did with delight.

My brother pushed my face down with his foot and the two sets of bare feet now rested upon me with his friend's finding his way up my robe, and my brother's on my face. My brother could beheard explainaing the usual foot ritual as I again succomed to someone's feet to be met with laughter and riddicule, When they finished eating, they went into the living room to watch TV and relax with me as their foot stool of course. He decided to spend th night at our house while they both had their feet on my body throughout the night. I was tickled trampled, smothered by feet that night. As we grew older my brother seemed to really love to
have his feet on me. He seemed to enjoy getting them really stinky and
sweaty and putting them on my face for me to smell. He eventually
ordered me to be naked while performing chores and would make fun of my body while walking across it and teasing me with his bare feet. He would love to have me lay outside the shower and ave me be the first thing he'd step on when getting out, He once made me lay down in the shower while he stepped all over me he took his time cleansing himself.

At that time I felt a sprinkle not from the shower and realized he was
relieving him self on me, which led into a new ritual as well. Before long, he would have me laying on the floor and he would stroke himself to pleasure while his feet rested on my face saying it gave him such a power trip. I would soon be sprinkled with juice, only to have it rubbed in by the feet that loved to be mean to me. But I never complained. That is probably why to this day he does what he wants and I live for him to come home and put his feet on me. We have an apartment together and He does his thing while I wait at home for him to return and reward me with his smely offerings. As I write this, Im supposed to be waiting by the door naked for him and/or whoever he should bring home to use me as their foot rest/Smeller.

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