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Sleepy Tickle Script

Kenny this is your script and will describe what will happen in the first three sessions of your tickle torture! I will describe what will be done to your ticklish boy body!

This is the first segment so grab yourself and hang on Kenny! You will shower and shave off all body hair and lotion yourself and your ticklish feet and wear boxers and slip into bed with your socks on! You will fall asleep eventually as you fight sleep knowing your feet are defenseless as I wait patiently smiling at the foot of the bed! As you fall into deep deep slumber and begin snoring I start the video camera on record! I wait 20 minutes for you to fall into dreamland and wait for your bare feet to be revealed! I prepare your ticklish feet as I slowly uncover them knowing your socks are on of course! You’re in dreamland snoring on your back as your sensitive feet are being uncovered in front of a smiling face! The covers are taken slowly away as your socked sized tens are radiating heat, they are wrapped with your blankets around your ankles and your socked feet brought together and put on a soft pillow. You are in deep sleep unaware as your foot bottoms are about to be thoroughly ravaged! Your snoring and breathing are deep as you lie there as I slip your right sock down to your ankle and the same to the other sock! You’re still asleep as I pull your sock slowly around and off your pink right heel, and slowly up your milky white arch and your fleshly smooth ball of your foot off your ticklish and wiggling toes! The cool night air makes you wiggle your soft white toesies! My smiling face inches away as your cute ticklish toes wiggle! I lean in and rub my nose up and down your right sole as your toes still wiggle and flex back in ticklish spasms!

I moan and crawl up to your smiling but still sleeping face and whisper in your ear “Kenny I will now lick and suck your soles and toes and there is nothing you can do about it! Prepare to laugh and you will not waken as I tickle your feet! Shall we begin at your delicious looking soles! I will only stop if you laugh hysterically!” I removed his other sock slowly and stood back excited as hell as I stood and looked upon my captives milky white smooth soft size tens staring back at me! I attach the ankle cuffs and hoist his feet into the air right in front of my face, as they swing slowly back and forth! The feathers are first, two long fluffy feathery tendrils are dragged up and down your soles, making me happy as I play with your feet sawing them and flicking them on your warm smooth soles watching your smiling face as I tickle! You are sound asleep as I tickle your hapless hanging soles! I pull them slowly between your toes, big toes first as you jerk your big toes back from the tickling feathers, this always works as I know exactly where to tickle your soles and toes! I pull them slowly through all your toes and watch them wiggle and twitch! Making sure to pull them slowly and saw them back and forth through your big toes as much as possible! Your making me hot as your toes wiggle and you smile but I want to hear you laugh so I start step two!

Your feet turn me on so its time to taste them as I lick your soles slowly and deliberately, flicking and rolling my tongue along your ticklish soft soles!Your breathing heavy as my tongue licks your soles every sensitive inch! I start sucking on your toes and lightly spider my fingers along your soles as I suck and lick your tasty toes! You try to pull your feet away from my wet hot tickling mouth, wiggling your toes out of my mouth only to fall right back in front of my tickling tongue! Your legs are suspended putting all the weight on your sleeping knees, preventing them from pulling or bending, my hands tickling your soles stop and grip your ankles as you try to pull them back! As you keep trying they tire and can only hang to receive my loving tickling touches making them wiggle and flex back! I love watching your toes wiggle as my tongue searches and slips between your flexing toes! Dancing feathers all over your soles and my tongue slipping and sliding through your ticklish shocked toes you finally laugh! I stop and look at your smiling face and tell you I will not stop licking and tickling your feet as I begin to nibble and lick your pink soft heels! Flicking my tongue and nibbling my teeth on the outer soft ticklish edges of your ticklish heels makes your feet jerk violently making your delicious toes spread apart wide. As your toes spread and fan I slip the feathers between them and pull them ever so slowly, making your toes curl forward, my tongue attacks and I lick your soft soles up and down causing your toes to flex back you are smiling and breathing heavy but I want more!I pull out my tickle bag and stare at the saliva covered soles hanging in my smiling face, softening as I take a soapy washcloth and wash both feet with soapy water and lathing up my ticklish soles as you fall deeper into sleep! I make sure your soles are extra sensitive as I put shampoo all over them and rub it into your softening smooth size tens!

I wrap your knees so you cannot move and pull out my hairbrush! Time to dance! I tie your big toes together as the stiff tickling bristles make contact on soft tickle slippery flesh! Your feet jerk back and try to pull away finding out they are not moving as they can only hang there as your smile widens! I straddle your legs and lock them under my weight as I push your tickle torture further past your limitations! My brush slides back and forth along both soapy slippery milky arches, they dance and the toes wiggle wildly, no problem as I tickle scrub your soles my mouth licks and sucks your toes! My tongue slides between your toes searching all ticklish areas, I nibble and scrap the sides as my mouth shrimps each and every toe your laughing in your sleep now as I tickle rape your captive feet! I taunt you keeping you laughing as I scrub the brush back and forth along your slippery pink heels!

“Does it tickle? Ahh laugh for me if you like it! I will not stop! Laugh! Laugh! Your tasty smooth soles are mine and I want to hear you laugh!” I tickle your ticklish soles all over with the hairbrush for 20 mins and the heels for 15 mins making you laugh harder! I stop to reapply the soapy smooth shampoo on your twitching soles as the jerk from my every touch as the hairbrush has made the sensitive skin more ticklish than before! I change positions so I may stare at your slippery soles as I pull out an electric mixer (the machine used to mix cake batter) with both rotating blades and apply the twirling torture to your right ticklish sole! The effect was awesome as your foot tried to escape as your laughter started!


You are laughing in your sleep and cannot wake up! I apply the rotating tickling blades allover your tender soles and the balls of your slippery feet as you laugh and laugh and laugh you are turning me on BIG TIME as I hear your laughter! I LOVE TO TICKLE YOUR SLEEPY FEET IT IS AWESOME AS YOU CAN ONLY LAUGH AND NOT MOVE YOUR TICKLISH FEET! I run the blades allover your feet for about 15 mins as you are sweating from the tingling torture! I rub lotion into the sensitive twitching soles! My every touch causing them to jump and flex your almost ready! I bury my nose into your soft soles as I drag it and lick my tongue on them as you start to giggle again! Toe torture time as I pick up dental floss and pull it back and forth slowly between every toe slowly savoring the pinky toes as you laugh from the silky pulling torture through your soft soft ticklish toes! I love to watch them wiggle as you try to catch the sliding string between your curling toes! I than put tickling feathers between all your toes and begin on your tender heels as I nibble and lick and run my massager all over them causing you to wiggle your toes! You are laughing again as I tickle nibble your heels all over as you flex and wiggle your toes the feathers tickle between them like mad! You are again laughing turning me on!


I tickle your feet for another half and hr as your toes and soles are tired from struggling and your toes allow my tongue to slid in between them as I slid and twirl the feathers out! My tickle slave is about ready as I see your hard on through your boxers as I have not touched it yet! Purple and swollen you are enjoying your ticklish torture by the way it throbs! It is time to make you beg as I tie you big toes back so your feet and soles are taunt! I love dining on your sensitive soles and licking and sucking your toes! I begin licking your highly sensitive soles as you are laughing from the three hours of tickling on your feet! The more your feet are tickled the more they are ticklish! I lick your soles slowly as I scrub my hairbrush on and allover your tender heels making you laugh and start to beg for it to stop! The laughing and begging turns me on as I suck your toes and slid my tongue between the trembling flexing toes! Your laughter is deeper as I lick and suck and nibble all over your tender trapped feet! I nibble and scrape my teeth along your taunt pulled back soft balls of your ticklish feet as you are now laughing hysterically in your sleep!


You are hysterical as my tongue and mouth tickle your feet and soles and toes like never before! I stop and prepare you for the finale as I undo your saliva covered twitching feet! I push your knees back as you are still out cold from the tickle torture! I tie your knees to the bedposts so your soles are facing the ceiling and I am staring at your huge purple swollen hard on! This way I can tickle your feet and lick and suck your manhood at the same time! I feather your cock allover slowly loving to hear you moan and beg for me to let you cum! The feathery tendrils driving you mad with desire as your cock head is swollen and bulging from the tickling it is receiving! I lick and hum on your balls as the feathers tickle the underneath along your pleasure vein making you shiver from the touch, sawing them back and forth slowly along the base of your helmet making you moan and beg for release! I tickle your cock until it is about to explode as you twitch and shake and tremble as your toes wiggle from the tickling on your cock! You are in pure pleasure as I start tickling your feet with my sharp nails as they violently curl from the sensations as you beg and begin to laugh I explore all over you feet again with my mouth and tongue for another half and hour as you laugh hysterically! You are ready as I attach the cock vibrator along your swollen shaft as you moan! I put the setting on voice so when you laugh it will vibrate, the more hysterical your laugh the more pleasure to your shaft! I oil my soles and release your legs and lie down at your twitching feet as I position myself to rub my satiny soles allover your huge cock as I lick and suck your ticklish feet! The ultimate in tickle torture! I begin nibbling and biting your arches as you begin to laugh the vibrator starts to hum on your swollen cock! You gasp from the pleasure! I enclose your heels in my mouth as I nibble and bite the edges all over! Your laughing louder as your tired feet and soles are once again being merciless tickled! I slid my oiled soles allover your cock and run my sole along your pleasure vein tickling your head with my toes as you are in pure ecstasy!Your laughing and moaning and begging as I begin your final torture as I mouth your tender balls and bite and scrape my teeth across them making you hysterical with laughter! You sound awesome as the vibrator hums faster and my soles are moving up and down your cock and my toes wiggle on the head of your cock!


I continued scrapping your balls as the vibrator and my soft feet were stroking your hot cock, he shot! He shot load after load as I mouthed his feet and pumped his cock for all it was worth, his toes spread apart as I attacked them with my tickling tongue as he had an orgasm that lasted 3 mins! You are exhausted as I clean you up and my feet and watch your smiling face still asleep! I have tickled you for 5 hours boy your feet are super soft as I am still horny! I love to tickle your feet! The end!This is the kind of tickling Brian will do to your feet he loves to tickle feet although he is not gay and will not touch your cock but I would! You will stay asleep as this script is for all the lovers of sleep tickle victims! Brian tells me you’re a heavy sleeper! Better be! It is important you stay ASLEEP and let him tickle your feet any way he chooses! The filming has to be as real as possible so do what he tells you! The tickling when you’re tied down will be the same! You WILL BE TIED DOWN!! This is to prevent harm to you as well as to Brian as ticklish people struggle and kick trying to escape! No exceptions! You will be tied down! You owe me and do not worry you will have Brian all to yourself tied down for your tickle torture if you listen to me!Why did you tell him about me wanting you to tickle him, do not tell him he is super ticklish!!!!! His feet and soles are so ticklish he hides them! His heels and toes are the worst! I used my mouth and tongue on his feet the are super soft! Make sure he is asleep before you tie him though! He gets hard as a rock when I mouth his feet his cock is awesome looking don’t tell him any of this!!!! This is what you do! First make sure you know how to work the camera, ask him he will tell you! By the way only you and him are to be present while filming unless the other person is of age and will be tickled too, understand! Ask Brian why it is because we can be sued! Now he will of course shoot the first three tickling tapes of your sexy sleeping ticklish feet! You better be taking care of them too nothing on them they better be soft and smooth and milky white arches use lotion every night even baby oil in the shower!

OKAY LISTEN UP! This is how you get him! Brian is a heavy sleeper if he is sleeping on his back you can tickle his feet and even get him laughing in his sleep if you are careful! I want this on tape and I will pay well! Use all kinds of tickling items on his soft wrinkled soles! Especially feathers (between his toes) ballpoint pen! (Soles and balls of his fleshy feet) pins on his heels! Soft poking and light touches send shivers down his spine! BUT the mouth and tongue is his weakness licking his soles and sucking his toes and sliding your tongue between his toes! MY GOD WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE HIS REACTION! Catch it on tape! You will not be able to trick him asleep but he will fall asleep to the smell of incense he will be out like a light and you only have to wait 10 mins. When he starts to lightly snore his feet are ready! You can enjoy his laughter but be careful, as he does not laugh to long, as he will shift position. I would rather you tickle him sleeping but if you have the nerve to tie him up and tickle him awake I will pay big money! No one has tickled him tied down but me! If you tickle him allover his worst weakness is his armpits and ribs and of course his feet! I know you’re not GAY and neither is he, but be prepared when tickling Brian for a prolonged period he will get hard! If he is blindfolded tickle his cock with feathers and wait until you see his reaction! OKAY I have told you enough if you get Brian on tape and tickle him I will pay you accordable to how much footage and how long the tape! You will be able to sleep tickle him longer than tickling him awake of course but you decide! Also between you and me Brian loves to be tickled and will not admit to it since I have been the only one! You can tell by telling him in detail what will you do to his feet while he is sleeping and he will get quiet and try to chance the topic! His feet are very sexy and well taken care of although getting him out of his socks are the challenge! Make sure the are right out of the shower he covers them in baby oil and boy are they tender! Well nice talking to you and get a computer soon so we can talk! Do this and I might even welcome you to my dungeon so you can be my tickle slave!

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