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Jason & Randy

Jason: 5'10, 150lbs, 21yrs, black hair & brown eyes, 6.5 cut, smooth and
tanned, shoe size 10.5
Randy: 6ft, 175lbs, 28 yrs, dk brown hair & eyes, 8 cut, semi hairy, shoe size
12, Construction worker

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!! The alarm clock squealed for it was five in
the morning. Randy rolled over and reached for the wicked clock. Jason still
sound asleep had one of Randy's socks still laying on the inside of his leg.
Randy just smiled as he climbed out of the bed and was ready to face another
hot day. It's always scouring hot in the middle of the summer in Los Angeles,
California. Though they lived in a desirable city, Randy didn't feel like he
had a desirable job, though him having to wear heavy work boots day after day
was enough to keep Jason happy. And Randy was happy to have Jason.

As a lever was pushed up, the shower spewed hot water over Randy's
sexy body. Each drop seemed to give Randy more sex appeal. As he held the
bar of soap in his strong hands he pressed it to his tan skin. His pecks were
a masterpiece of their own and as his finger barely ran over them, he
couldn't help but to get turned on. Slowly the hand with the soap went to
lower parts of his body. A slight foam of bubbles were being designed in
Randy's manhood hair. His free hand reach for the 8 inch slab of cock that
had fully extended. "Oh YES!" he moaned as his hand glided over his energetic
penis. Right before he lost a load he turned the water off to save his juice
for Jason later that night. He lifted his left beefy foot and brushed it
with a towel and he proceeded to plant it firmly onto the bath mat. After
drying he quickly shaved and headed to the closet. Boxers slid over his
calves and fitted his waist snug pressing against his delicious cock. Sitting
on the edge of the bed carefully not to awake Jason, he took the same socks
he wore yesterday away from his sleeping lover. His feet were pushed into
the off white smelly socks. It was going to be 105 degrees so he grabbed a
pair of his cut off jean shorts and white T-shirt and put them on. Next to
put on was Jason's favorite part, the steel toed boots. Randy's feet were
already covered in yesterday's socks and were being bound in a pair of tan
construction boots. His feet had been enclosed in those boots so much he was
beginning to feel like the boots were a part of him, and for at least the
next twelve hours or so they were definitely stuck on his feet. Randy
proceeded to have his breakfast and went out the door for work. As he started
his truck his boots set heavily on the pedals. Randy had spent a little more
time getting ready that he usually did so he was in a bit of a rush. His
right booted foot pressed firmly on the gas pedal as his left continually
worked the clutch and brake pedals. When he arrived to work right at 6 am,
he could already feel his feet sweating up a storm in his boots. It was going
to be a long day as he door opened and his feet hit the ground, time to work.

Fifteen minutes after six Jason heard Randy's pick up truck pull into the
driveway. Glancing out the window he could see Randy's shirtless body
glistening with sweat with more than a 5'o clock shadow on his face. The sun
was strong and warm against his finely chiseled body. The front door opened
and Randy's boots were clumping against the floor. He tossed the keys on the
entertainment stand. Randy looked as though he had a rough day and was ready
to relax and cool off, after pouring sweat all day. Jason was eager to
comfort him. Randy plopped down on the couch beside of Jason to offer a hello
kiss. "There's my sexy man!" Jason smiled. "Awe poor you having to sweat up a
storm all day but don't you worry, I am going to make me and you both feel
real good but lets eat now." Jason brought Randy, still in his jean shorts,
white socks, and work boots, dinner and they ate. Feeling quite satisfied
Randy stretched his arms back and Jason couldn't help but to stare at his
mates exquisite body. Randy bent over to begin to take off his work boots and
Jason stopped him. "Leave them on for now, you know how I am about your
boots." Jason had a huge work boot, sock, and foot fetish which was simply
insatiable. Randy usually let Jason have his way when it came to what was on
his feet. Randy's poor feet often suffered needless confinement in those
torturing boots because he knew it made Jason happy in more ways than one.
Jason and he proceeded to the bedroom. Jason took off all his clothes and
Randy proceeded to take off his shorts and underwear leaving him in only
socks and boots. Randy sat up and Jason without thinking twice started
massaging his back. The hunk was no doubt worn out and in need of a good
massage. As Jason worked his fingers all over Randy's back, the hunk sighed
in relief. It didn't take long before Randy's cock was rock hard and so was

Randy rolled over facing Jason and his cock bounced in the air with a
slight drizzle of precum leaking. Randy then pinned Jason down to the bed
with his knees. As he reach over to the drawer he pulled out some handcuffs
and bound Jason's arms to the headboard of the bed. Then he proceeded to
slowly take off his work boots as Jason eagerly watched while Jason's dick
was twitched uncontrollably. He then put his sweat filled work boots on
Jason's barefeet and tied them tightly. Jason was hornier than ever. He own
feet were bound in Randy's sweat soaked boots and it made him want to cum so

Randy then placed his smelly sweaty socked feet on Jason's face and
used it to massage them. Jason's face was having loads of Randy's foot sweat
massaged into his face. Jason loved the smell and was enjoying every minute
of it. Then Randy's feet went down to Jason's cock. As the damp socked feet
rubbed on Jason's pulsating cock, Jason moaned in pure pleasure as he was so
close to orgasm.

Suddenly Randy took his feet of Jason's cock, removed his left sock,
shoved it into Jason's mouth and pushed Jason's legs to his chest and slide
his cock into Jason's asshole. Jason tasted the foot sweat from the sock as
his asshole was plunged by his hunk. Randy was moaning and fucking Jason's
deep and hard. With one final deep hard thrust, Randy growled and his love
juice spewed inside of Jason. Randy slowly slide his cock out and started
kissing Jason's neck. Jason was in dire need of his orgasm and was rubbing
his cock all over Randy's stomach trying to get enough friction to cum. Randy
couldn't keep Jason in suspense any longer and he placed his feet upon
Jason's cock again. As his one bare foot and one socked foot rubbed Jason's
shaft, Jason's body tensed up as the amazing sensation began. Splurges of cum
shot all over his stomach and Randy's legs and feet. Randy pulled out the
sock from Jason's mouth and removed the handcuffs. They cleaned up and went
back to bed to start all over again. It was going to be a long night.

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